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Affiliate Program

As a Motor Club of America member, you are eligible to receive commission when you refer the membership. You can earn Direct Sales Commissions, Health Bonuses and Team Bonuses. Commissions are paid weekly on Friday via direct deposit to your bank or prepaid debit card. For example, if someone enrolls under your link on Saturday night, their payment will be processed on Thursday. The commission for that sale will be paid on the following Friday.

Direct Sales Commissions

The Direct Sale or Cash Winner Bonus is the advanced commission you earn for the sales you personally make each week. For example, if you sell a Total Security Membership, you could earn from $80 to $90 per sale. To be eligible for the $80 to $90 commission, a person must enroll with a valid bank account or debit card attached to a bank. If a person enroll with you and they use a prepaid card, you will earn an as earned commission of $9.24.

# of Sales Advance Commission Total Security Advance Commission Security Plus Advance Commissions Security
1 $80.00 $60.00 $40.00
5 $82.00 $61.50 $41.00
10 $84.00 $63.00 $42.00
15 $86.00 $64.50 $43.00
20 $88.00 $66.00 $44.00
30 $90.00 $67.50 $45.00

Health Bonus

To qualify for the Health Bonus, you must have an active membership with a payment of $19.95 or more a month. The bonus is based on personal sales you make each month.

Health Bonus # of Memberships Per Month needed for bonus Average Memberships per week
$100 45 11.25
$213 65 16.25
$380 85 21.25
$480 105 26.25
$525 190 47.5
$600 250 62.5

Team Builder Bonus

The Team Builder Bonus or Override Commission is the amount you earn for each of your personal referral's sales. For example, when someone on your first level makes a Total Security sale, you earn a $6.00 commission for each sale and a $0.66 override each month they make a payment for the first 12 months.

Membership Override Commission per sale override commission per month
Total Security $6.00 $0.66
Security Plus $5.00 $0.52
Security $4.00 $0.39